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You, your family, your neighbors, and your community will feel the impact if we don’t move to protect opportunities for Independent Contractors.

What type of  Independent Contractors are negatively impacted by AB5 in California? 

What’s the problem with the “B” section of California AB5’s “ABC Test”? In this video, Independent Contractors from multiple industries talk about the limitations to contract with businesses and even other contractors in the same line of work or industry, due to the language and requirements in part B of the new law. Part B of the “ABC Test” is a major block to otherwise legitimate contract relationships.

Join us to show the California Assembly and Senate that industry-targeted carve outs are NOT enough!

This video & website are brought to you by a bipartisan volunteer group of Independent Contractors and Business Owners impacted by AB5. We are NOT associated with Uber, Lyft, or any other large company. We are NOT receiving nor accepting ANY funding.

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AB5 impacts Interpreters/Translators

AB5 impacts Interpreters/Translators

Because of the nature of our work. It’s sporadic there’s not need to have someone as an employee. I may use someone one day and not use them the remainder of the year. We contact interpreters based on their availability, so I couldn’t ever hire the same interpreter as they may be tied up elsewhere.

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