AB5 impacts Event Production, Entertainment, Music Industry

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Los Angeles

Business Owner, Independent Contractor, or Both?

Both, depending on the situation


February 27, 2020

Tell us about the type of work you do as an Independent Contractor or as a Business Owner. What is a regular day or week like doing the work you do?

I work as an audio professional in the entertainment industry. I work with around 5-8 different sound companies in SoCal working different shows that last anywhere from 1-14days. Different company or client every week.

Has working as an Independent Contractor been a choice or a necessity for you? If so, why?

Definitely a choice. I make my schedule, chose what jobs I can take or not.

How have Independent Contractors been essential to your business model?

I can hire additional engineer for different gigs without having to have them fill mounts of paper work and be able to pay them what they deserve.

What do you enjoy most about being an Independent Contractor or Business Owner?

The ability to not only make a schedule but to include my gear/equipment in my rate.

What has been the immediate impact of AB5 on your ability to do work and/or make an income?

A side from the companies I do work with cutting my rate by 40% this year, it is also very hard to stay busy this year as companies are now out sourcing their labor to out of state IC. Keep CA work for CA residents!!!

What are your long term concerns about AB5 or other similar legislation imposing more strict regulations on Independent Contract work?

That my industry will soon not be able to pay me what I deserve and that eventually there will not be enough work here in my profession to afford to live in my own hometown.

If you could tell legislators directly one thing about Independent Contract work, what would it be?

If I could tell my legislators anything, it would be this: if you will not repeal this bill, you NEED to make working professionals and engineers in the entertainment industry EXEMPT. We already struggle to find work and stay busy. We do that on our own. AB5 does not help us in any way. Minimum wage protection does not benefit professionals who make $400-1000/day and those rates have been cut in half since AB5. We have been feeling the impact of AB5 in no positive way.

More Personal Stories

AB5 impacts Musician

AB5 impacts Musician

I perform for various events and venues with a band. We’re all independent contractors who are seniors and tax paying citizens who survive off of our music income. We pay taxes. Don’t destroy families and the economy and make the homeless situation worse.

AB5 impacts Court Reporting and a variety of legal support

AB5 impacts Court Reporting and a variety of legal support

I work at home due to a medical issue. My work is all computer based paralegal and court work. I’m a sole proprietorship. I do everything myself. So far I’ve been unaffected but I live with a huge concern that that will change.

AB5 impacts Interpreters/Translators

AB5 impacts Interpreters/Translators

Because of the nature of our work. It’s sporadic there’s not need to have someone as an employee. I may use someone one day and not use them the remainder of the year. We contact interpreters based on their availability, so I couldn’t ever hire the same interpreter as they may be tied up elsewhere.



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