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California state representatives have the opportunity to repeal this law. Contact your representative to let them know your position. Challenge our lawmakers to do the right thing by repealing AB5 NOW!

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Many people across California are not even aware of this law, nor the ways in which this law will have an impact on their livleihoods, their opportunities in the community, and loss of income of thousands of Independent Contractors. Help spread awareness of this law.

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Legislators in favor of this law seem to believe that they understand the needs and opportunites of Independent Contractors. Join a local action group to show politicians that Californians demand responsible legislation.

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CLICK HERE to find out who is your state representative. 

Who authored and co-authored AB5?

Name + Twitter Handle

Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher (Author) @LorenaSGonzalez
Rob Bonta @RobBonta
Wendy Carillo @wendycarillo
Todd Gloria @ToddGloria
Maria Durazo @MariaEDurazo
Ash Kalra @Ash_Kalra
Connie Leyva @SenatorLeyva
Kevin McCarty @AsmKevinMcCarty
Jose Medina @AsmJoseMedina
Nancy Skinner @NancySkinnerCA
Mark Stone @AsmMarkStone
Buffy Wicks @BuffyWicks
What should I say to my representatives?


  1. Share your story. How has this law impacted your business or opportunities to generate income?
  2. Ask your representative to be a co-author on AB1928, a bill being proposed to REPEAL AB5. 



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What can I do on social media?
  • Take a selfie with a sign with your job title(s) and #RepealAB5Now. Post it to social. Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your post caption.


  • Create a meme with your own call to action or a simple message about what is hurting you most. Tag your area representative in your post caption on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RepealAB5Now in your post caption.


  • Share screenshots of your rejection/termination letters/emails/texts. Remove or block out any identifying information about the company from which the notice came to protect the company from being targeted for audit. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RepealAB5Now in your post caption.


  • Do be considerate of friends/family, if you tell their stories online. Sharing specific information could be problematic to them. Share what industry they serve, what type of products/services they offer, whether they are impacted as a contracting business owner or product/service provider (Independent Contractor). Be specific when you can, but be smart about how much detail you share.


Hashtags to use:

  • #AB5
  • #AB5Stories
  • #RepealAB5Now

Twitter accounts to follow & tag:

@Ab5Of | Faces of AB5 (#PROAct)

@RepealAB5  | This group’s Twitter

Participate in the Awareness Challenge

(This was posted with permission from OP on Freelancers Against AB5)

Text or FB Msg 3 friends of yours who you believe are NOT Aware about AB5. *Even* if they are not Freelancers.

Here’s what to say:

“Hey have you heard about AB5? It’s a new law in CA that passed Jan 1 that basically makes all 1099 Independent Contractors become W2 Employees, unless their industry got an exemption. This is how it affects me: “Insert a sentence about how AB5 has caused you to lose income.”

The news is barely covering this. We really need to spread awareness about how AB5 is causing freelancers & small business owners to lose their ability to earn an income. I got the most updated information from this group “Freelancers Against AB5” (share link to the group)”


Join a local action group

Local Action Groups

Find information in Facebook Group Freelancers Against AB5

Fellow advocacy site AB5Facts.com

More information will be added as it becomes available. Check back for more. 

Share info about your Local Action Group

Tell us about your local action group, so we can add it to the list. 

Share your story

Contribute your story here.

CLICK HERE to share your experience and add to our series of impact stories.


Participate in this POLL submitted by memebers Freelancers Against AB5.

From the OP :”It is my impression, based on interviews and her own Tweets, that Ms. Gonzalez and her supporters in particular do not respond to the human side of this issue. Having been in these groups for a few weeks, I believe that the tactic of hard number statistics could be added to the information against AB5. This might show Ms. Gonzalez numbers where she believes only a few people are affected. It might aid her opposition in their efforts to repeal this law.

The results of this survey are collected automatically and it is geared toward all industries. I think it could have an impact in this cause.”


Read more stories compiled by other sources.

Find the Impact Statements (compiled from Freelancers Against AB5 Facebook Group by Karen Anderson) of personal stories from Independent Contractors who have been negatively impacted by AB5 in California > Alphabetical By Profession

Why is this so important?

Independent Contractors are a legitimate part of local + state economy

Independent contractors provide valuable services + products

Independent contractors thrive on choice, control, and collaboration

AB5 impacts all of us. Now is the time to speak up!

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